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Sex Toys: Unleash Your Inner Sexy 

Sex Toys: Unleash Your Inner Sexy

Getting in touch with your body is far from a shameful notion. It’s for this reason why sex toys are taking the modern world by storm. From their many benefits to their pleasurable effects, sex toys boast various perks. Above all else, sex toys enable individuals and couples to relish the splendors of intimate activities.

Types Of Sex Toys
If you’re an inexperienced sex toy user, exploring pleasure products can be overwhelming. If you’re an experienced sex toy user, there’s still a wealth of options that have likely gone undiscovered. Below is a list of the most popular sex toys on the market and from Joujou Sex Toys https://www.joujou.com.au/ .

  • Dildos
  • Handcuffs
  • Clitoris stimulator
  • Vibrators
  • Cock rings
  • Kegel balls
  • Anal beads
  • Butt plugs
  • Rechargeable massagers
  • Double-ended dildos
  • Ball gags
  • Bed restraints
  • Remote vibrators
  • Penis stimulator
  • Clit jel

Fun Facts About Sex Toys
Given that sex toys offer immense intrigue, it’s always fun to have some factoids at the ready.

  • Greeks used breadsticks as dildos
  • Dildos were created with the intention of calming down “crazy” women
  • Vibrators are older than vacuums
  • The first dildo is dated back 28,000 years ago
  • Dildos were prevalent during medieval times
  • India forbids sex toys
  • The most lavish vibrator is $55,000
  • Japan allows a “tester” period before purchasing
  • New Zealand is touted as the biggest dildo enthusiast
  • Masturbation competitions actually exist
  • Texas is making efforts to eliminate sex toys
  • Target is now selling sex toys
  • Among the most popular of dildos are fantasy ones
  • Christian sex toys are all the rage
  • People have been known to send love letters to sex toy manufacturers

Sex Shops
When perusing for Joujou sex toys, it’s essential to maintain an air of maturity as you’re navigating the aisles of dildo-laden sex shops. Here are some rules you should abide by when shopping the stores.

  • Be respectful to the employees
  • Don’t make sexual advances on anyone
  • Be mindful of your surroundings
  • Don’t fondle the sex toys
  • Keep your laughing to a minimum
  • Don’t shame other patrons
  • Don’t ask for “the best” toy as that’s entirely subjective

Why Adult Toys Are No Longer Taboo 

Why Adult Toys Are No Longer Taboo

Adult toys are gaining more and more public support, and it’s likely due to the benefits they offer. Inherently intriguing and oh-so-enjoyable, adult toys https://www.joujou.com.au/ provide a wealth of perks. Below are among a few.

  • Women who masturbate are presumed to have higher self-esteems
  • Sex toys can relieve headaches
  • They open up fascinating opportunities
  • They aid in orgasming
  • Sex toys produce more intense orgasms
  • Sex toys are always available and don’t require a partner
  • They boost sexual performance
  • Sex toys create endurance
  • Sex toys help reduce sexually transmitted diseases
  • They’re linked to improving mental health

The Dos and Don’ts Of Adult Toy Usage
Every experienced or novice adult toy user is urged to abide by a set of rules. Said rules are intended to enhance the experience while keeping you healthy and happy. With that said, here are some dos and don’ts of owning and using a sex toy.

  • Use lubricant if it’ll make the process more comfortable
  • Bear in mind that not everyone is comfortable with talking about adult toys
  • Properly clean your adult toy after every use
  • Never share your adult toy with others
  • Be respectful when using the toy on others

Most Popular Vibrators In Australia
Being the progressive country it is, Australia is open to adult toy usage. In fact, consumers have taken it upon themselves to rank their favorite products on the market. These are Australia’s highest rated adult toys.

  • The Rabbit Vibrator – provides internal and external stimulation
  • The Bullet Vibrator – portable, easy to disguise, and perfect for clitoral stimulation
  • The Dildo – works best if you’re trying to achieve a lifelike experience

Classic Australian Adult Toys https://www.joujou.com.au/
Australia is home to a vast assortment of nifty adult toys. The list below is an overview of some of the most popular.

  • Extreme bullet vibe
  • Vibrating dildo with suction cup
  • Remote control vibrators
  • App controlled vibrators
  • Butt plug
  • Prostate massager
  • Masturbation sleeves
  • Cock rings
  • Strap-ons
  • Double dongs
  • Pussy stroker
  • Pussy pumps
  • Pocket pussy
  • Rechargeable clitoral vibrator
  • Rechargeable massager
  • Anal beads

Adult Toys: Where To Begin? 

Adult Toys: Where To Begin?

Adult toys are about as intriguing as they are diverse. Even experienced toy users find the wealth of options overwhelming. Fortunately, aficionados of adult toys often break down the process in the hopes of enabling individuals to select a product that best suits their desires. Below are some of the most popular adult toys by Joujou broken down into specific categories.


  • Bullet
  • Classic
  • Rabbit
  • Realistic
  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Remote control


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Realistic
  • Non-realistic
  • Double-ended

Male Adult Toy

  • Vagina
  • Mouth
  • Neutral
  • Butt
  • Sex doll
  • Handheld
  • Hands free

Questions To Ask Yourself
If you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of products available, consider asking yourself these questions as an attempt to pinpoint the best adult toy for you.

  • Would you like it to resemble genitalia?
  • Would you like it to be portable?
  • How often will you use your adult toy?
  • Is size important?
  • Are there certain erogenous zones you’re looking to stimulate?
  • How much are you looking to spend?
  • What material would you like?
  • What part of the body would you like it to touch most?
  • Would you like to experience a vibrating sensation?
  • Is this just for your use, or will you be using it with a partner?

Compose Yourself When In An Adult Toy Shop
Adult toy shops are no doubt fun, but there’s a fine line between lighthearted fun and inappropriate banter. If you visit an adult toy shop, keep these considerations in mind. Or try an online adult toy shop like https://www.joujou.com.au/

  • Don’t ask the employees to give you personal insight
  • Don’t laugh at other patrons
  • Don’t make suggestive comments to either employees of customers
  • Don’t assume that those shopping are creeps
  • Be mindful of those around you
  • Don’t make lewd gestures with the toys

Have Fun With It
Above all else, it’s important to remember that there’s nothing shameful about owning an adult toy. While some may balk at the idea and denounce it as a sinful concept, adult toys are healthy outlets for all.

Sex toys for him

Sex toys for him, but also for her

It doesn’t take much to spice up your love life. And you don’t have to go too far to find it. An easy trip to your local store is all you need in your search for sex toys.
This trip isn’t to the local sex toys shop, however. It’s to the local drugstore or big-box chain at an affordable price.
Sex toys are often seen as being female-driven. There are selections for men, but even today some are seen as taboo. One that’s not, and can be enjoyed by both partners, is a vibrating ring.
Known more by the more vulgar name, a vibrating ring is stretchable and placed around the base of the penis. Many of them have varying vibration settings, with changes in speed and frequency. Some also come equipped with a small piece at the top for clitoral stimulation.
Those with such stimulation are best utilized in the “cowgirl” position, where your partner can achieve maximum force. In this position, the internal vibration as well as the added stimulation can bring another level to your enjoyment of simple Sex Toys by Joujou.
A quick Google search yields a few products at some drugstores, ranging in price from $12 to $16. There are options for several rings in a package for multiple uses and easy discarding.
There also are some that conjure the fire of a dragon and the passion that comes with it, such as the Durex Play “Ring of Bliss.” This product is just one of the many less-expensive options to bring sparks into your bedroom.
A vibrating ring also mimics other sex toys such as a vibrator. This adult toy turns the penis into a comparable counterpart to the plastic model. It adds another layer to lovemaking by replacing the need for larger sex toys.
Vibrating rings can be enhanced with regular lubricants. And here’s another nice tip for him: The rings are often elastic enough to gently wrap around the testicles. This gives another level of vibration to increase the power of orgasms for both parties. Vibrators https://www.joujou.com.au/collections/vibrators
As with all sex toys, be sure to talk about it with your partner. And if there’s any discomfort be courteous and discontinue use.

Benefits From Sex Toys

Surprising Health Benefits From Sex Toys

When it comes to improving your health, sex toys may just be the answer. They provide a fun and intimate way to keep your body healthy and you happy. Speaking of adult toys comes with much stigma in today’s society, but we are going to hopefully break some of that by sharing the best ways these can be used to improve the health of your body. Let’s dive in below.

Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles

Your pelvic floor muscles, or PC muscles for short, are extremely important. Yes, those are the muscles you feel contracting during your orgasm, but they have other roles as well. The PC muscles control your bladder function and stronger muscles in women allow for an easier child birthing experience. Simple sex toys like kegel balls can help to strengthen these PC muscles and provide an amazing feel during an orgasm.

 Soraya is the world's most beautiful dual-action vibrator, offering multiple pleasures in a sleek and seductive package.

Better Emotional Mood 

We couldn’t make this list without stating the obvious. Sex toys can bring you to new highs that give you a boost on an emotional level. When you reach orgasm, your body releases endorphins, which are the feel good hormones. These hormones can last for a while and give you that much-needed mood enhancer to take on your day.

Improved Blood Circulation 

Joujou Sex toys that are focused on the tasks of massaging and vibrating are great for improving blood flow. These adult toys stimulate the nerve endings which lead to that increase in blood flow. When your blood flows more freely, your body can release more build up toxins and other harmful substances that can be killing your energy.

Decreases Stress 

Trade out that nightcap for your favorite toy. Sex is a great way to relieve stress in the body and allow the heart to slow down and relax. Sex has been shown to reduce tension headaches and other aches throughout the body. So next time you have a headache grab for your favorite sex toy, not an alcoholic beverage.

Keeps The Healthy Bodily Fluids Flowing 

Reaching orgasm on a regular basis helps to keep the body’s fluids and parts healthy and clean. Consider using your sex toys for self-cleaning and maintenance. They are a great way to ensure that you rid off nasty infections and prevent against reproductive problems.

Bring Freshness And A New Zest In Life 

Sometimes life can be a mundane routine that sucks the life out of you. Well, maybe not that horrible, but it can feel more like a chore than fun at times. By introducing new toys into your relationship you can get that unexpected zest back. Your partner and you can try toys that are new to the both of you that can bring an exciting feel into your relationship.

As you can see, there are many health benefits you can obtain by using sex toys. We encourage you to give them a try and work on keeping your body healthy and your mind happy.